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Embodying Anatomy - NEW DATES

Moving from Wholeness

Start: 05. Apr. 2020, 18:00 - 10. Apr. 2020, 17:00

BioGutshaus Parin - Ostsee , Please contact Navanita for bookings

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An experiential journey of the anatomical map/terrain by including the community of structures, shapes and functions we will become conscious of how anatomical structure supports movement and how each offers a particular
quality and resource.

By expanding our possibilities of movement range, both physically and psychosomatically we step into a new awareness of the dimensionality of our bodies.

Although we often think of dance and other movement as being muscle based, all of the body systems play important roles in the support and articulation of our body and are expressed as a wide range of movement
qualities and consciousness. We will recover the ability of being aware of the qualities and resources of anatomical systems that can possibly support us in this moment:

- Skeletal System
- Organs
- Nervous System
- Skin
- Fluids
- Endocrine system

We gain awareness of the deeper layers of organization in the body tissues through touch and movement. The learning process takes place in the mind and in the body and the experience is integrated at the cellular level of being and consciousness. This is love.


You are wind
We are dust blown up into shapes
You are spirit
We are the opening and closing of our hands