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Module 1 – The Dance of Embodiment

Start: 21. Oct. 2018, 10:00 - 17:00, GutshausParin Stellshagen , Lindenstr. 1, 23948 Stellshagen

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Life Moves foundational tools for embodied presence. We will be
establishing the language of the body through perception and sensation to
be able to occupy and inhabit our bodies more fully and consciously. The
nature of inquiry is through a myriad of somatic approaches honouring the
felt sense, remembering the wisdom and intelligence of our conscious

Tools for the Dance of Embodiment are:

- Gravity

- Fluidity

- Breath

- Space

- Midline

It is integrated through somatic movement and touch, dance, guided
meditation, experiential anatomy, experiential embryology, movement
patterns, visualization, expression, sensing and playfulness.

Navanita offers a safe and contained space for enjoying discovering being
comfortable in our own skin creating a field of support for practicing and
learning to articulate the language of the felt sense of our embodiment.


Gravity is the root of lightness and stillness the ruler of movement LAO TZU