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Module 1 – The Dance of Embodiment

Conscious Body, Embodied Meditation

Start: 21. Oct. 2018, 17:00 - 26. Oct. 2018, 17:00

Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings

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Life Moves is a movement body based meditation training where we
experientially discover, move, be curious, be still and dance embodied
presence. As we re-pattern movement for greater ease and alignment,
attention is given to validating and establishing languaging tools of
perception, sensation, communication and authenticity.

The Dance of Embodiment establishes the Life Moves foundational tools to be
able to occupy and inhabit our bodies more fully and consciously. From here
we are available to offer support for others to also source embodiment from
the ground of body tissues, cells and fluids.

The nature of inquiry is through a myriad of somatic approaches honouring
the felt sense, remembering the wisdom and intelligence of our conscious
bodies, recovering the power of stillness and having fun on this precious

We learn how to meet ourselves and others, with embodied presence,
authenticity, joy, respect, compassion and space for unfolding development.

Tools for the Dance of Embodiment are integrated through somatic movement
and touch, dance, guided meditation, experiential anatomy, experiential
embryology, movement patterns, visualization, expression, sensing and

- Gravity

- Fluidity

- Breath

- Space

- Midline

Navanita offers a safe and contained space for enjoying discovering being
comfortable in our own skin creating a field of support for practicing and
learning to articulate the language of the felt sense of our embodiment.

The Dance of embodiment is part of a sequential series of the Life Moves
training. Each module will offer embodiment tools where experiential
learning is the base of the educational process. At the end of the training
participants will have the tools to facilitate the principles of Life Moves.

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Gravity is the root of lightness and stillness the ruler of movement LAO TZU